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Category: Official Addon - Type: Free
Last Updated: 26/08/2009 - Supported Versions: V4.0 or Later
This action hook allows you to provide free trial products which expire after a set number of days and send an email template notification to prompt the user to upgrade to a paid version.

To use the hook, follow these steps:

Download it from below and open the file
Begin by entering the product ID you want to set as a trial product on line 10. You should set the product inside WHMCS to a Free product.
Next enter the number of days to allow as the trial period on line 11 and finally on line 12 specify the email template to send when the trial period ends - you should create this in Setup > Email Templates
You can setup multiple products as free trial items by duplicating lines 9-13. A second option is included by default on lines 15-19 so if you only want to have 1, delete lines 15-19.
Now save the changes and upload to /includes/hooks/

No futher steps are necessary. The hook will now run to restrict free trials on the product.


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