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Category: Official Addon - Type: Free
Last Updated: 14/12/2012 - Supported Versions: v5.1.x only
The eNom New TLDs addon is a seamless solution for integrating Watchlist and new TLD launches up to General Availability right into your WHMCS website. This addon will give you everything you need to collect leads, increase conversions by communicating relevant new TLD updates to your customers, and process orders and earn commissions for Sunrise, Landrush, and Pre-Registration purchases. Best of all, it’s completely free to WHMCS users!

Seamlessly embed new TLDs into your website?Easily add Watchlist, Sunrise, Landrush, and

Pre-Registration for hundreds of new TLDs right into your WHMCS powered website.

Collect customer data and build lead lists?Take advantage of full integration of Watchlist to get leads and find out what new TLDs to focus on.

Generate sales and earn commissions for Sunrise and Landrush orders?The New TLDs addon automatically handles customer billing and pays you commissions for Sunrise, Landrush, and

Pre-Registration launch phases.

Engage your customers?Increase sales with automatic email updates that prompt your customers to place Sunrise, Landrush, and Pre-Registration orders.

Tailor your portal with modules?Choose which phases of each TLD launch you want to offer through easy-to-use modules including Watchlist,Sunrise, Landrush, and Pre-Registration

Note: You must be an eNom reseller to enable this Addon.

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