[WHMCS ADDON] Fixed.Invoice.Data.Retail

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Category: Official Addon - Type: Free
Last Updated: 17/08/2011 - Supported Versions: 4.0 or Later

We had a number of users come to us with the same problem. That problem was that in their jurisdiction, it was a requirement that once an invoice had been issued, the details on that invoice must not change. Obviously line items, totals, etc.. don't change, but the clients name & address information is taken live from the profile by default and so if a client updates their profile, it will apply to existing invoices too.

This addon module changes that. With this addon installed into your system, clients name, address & custom field data (for example VAT Numbers) will all be recorded and saved at the time an invoice is generated, and then both the client area and PDF invoice views will display the name/address information as it was at the time of initial creation. So even if the clients profile is edited, billing contactchanged, etc... existing invoices will not reflect those changes, only future invoices.

Setup Instructions

If you would like to give this addon a try, then simply follow the steps below:
  1. Begin by logging into our client area and following the download link that shows up below once logged in
  2. Next, simply upload the folder from the zip file download to the /modules/addons/ directory ofyour WHMCS installation
  3. Now visit Setup > Addon Modules to activate ("Fixed Invoice Data") and assign youradmin role group permissions to access it
  4. Finally visit Addons > Fixed Invoice Data for the simple 2 step copy & paste code you need to add to your active templates to have it take effect


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