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Category: Official Addon - Type: Free
Last Updated: 01/07/2011 - Supported Versions: V4.4 or Later

This addon allows you to configure a number of additional invoice/billing related options specific to EU invoicing & VAT requirements

It combines the VAT Validation hook function that has always been included in WHMCS, and the "Set Invoice Date to Date of Payment Mod" (To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up) in addition to some new options. Functionality includes:
  • the ability to automatically setup EU tax rules
  • automatic validation of VAT Number field input with the VIES Validation Service (To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up) - supersedes previous hook for easier configuration
  • the ability to assign custom invoice number formats when invoices are generated
  • the ability to configureproforma/sequential paid invoice numbering (as exists already in General Settings > Invoicing)
  • the ability to configure automatic resetting of the sequential paid invoice numbers
  • the ability to have invoice dates automatically updated when invoices are paid

Setup Instructions

To install simply upload the files from the download to the /modules/addons/ folder of your WHMCS installation and then visit Setup > Addon Modules to activate & configure. And if you're using the existing VAT Number Validation Hook, delete that from the /includes/hooks/ folder.

The automatic invoice numbering reset occurs when the automation cron runs on the last day of the month, so for optimal performance we recommend ensuring yours is configured to run at midnight.

Usage Instructions

To configure & use the addon, simply assign your admin role group permissions to access it and then you'll find the menu option under Addons > EU VAT. From there you can configure all the functionality it provides.


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