Virtual currency

  • We now have an arcade section like to XF1 times.
    Please tell me if a game is not working, do not save highscores or anything else that might be wrong with it and you will get 100 credits for every game you find.


Nov 26, 2014
Added a virtual currency (EScripts).

You will get or lost EScripts for the following :

Daily Login = 25
Register = 50
Birthday = 250
Avatar Upload = 25
Delete Avatar = -50
Get Follower = 25
Lost Follower = -25
Receive Profile Post = 25
Lose Profile Post = -25
Receive Profile Post Like = 25
Lose Profile Post Like = -25
Create New Thread = 50
Thread get Deleted = -100
Create New Poll = 50
Poll Deleted = -100
Receive Poll Vote = 25
New Post = 25
Post Get Deleted = -50
Receive Post Like = 25
Lose Post Like = -25
Upload Attachment = 50
Delete Attachment = -100
Download Attachment = -50
Attachment Get Download = 50
If you like to help to cleanup the forum, i will also send out 100 credits for any script/theme/plugin which isn't available anymore on the Envato-Market. To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up.

Added a new plugin for you to earn credits. You just need to stay online as much as you can to earn them. In other words : Just idle on the forum.
You will get credits for the following times :
1 hour : 100
12 hours : 200
24 hours : 500
1 week (168 hours) : 1000
1 month (720 hours) : 1000
2 months (1440 hours) : 2000
3 months (2160 hours) : 3000
Only thing you need to do is To view the link, you must: Sign In or Sign Up if you've reached a goal from the list
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Sir Refresh Alot
Nov 28, 2014
South Africa
One problem i have is there must be some guidelines for pricing u cant charge 400 credits for a them and then 300 credits for the whole xenforo package its must be a little bit realistic if i can put it that way and then also another 300 credits just for a addon, if it is an super rare addon that is understandable.


Nov 30, 2014
I don't know if it's possible with the add-on, but I think members should receive credits for the likes they receive. Likes are in general very honest feedback and although it is easy to just click the 'like' text, more often than not someone will do it only when they are truly grateful for the content they're receiving, at least that's what I normally do.

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