Udemy - Thoughtful Web Development Course HTML, Vue.js, PHP, MySQL


Mar 21, 2018
What Will You Learn?

  • Develop the ability of solving problems by yourself
  • Master HTML, CSS, JS, and Vue.js
  • Create 12+ Front-end APPs using HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and Vue.js
  • Create 12+ Back-end APPs using PHP and MySQL
  • Create responsive and retina-ready web pages
  • Operate MySQL database
  • Master advanced MySQL operation such as transaction, prepared statement, pagination, etc.
  • Create a memebership system
  • Master image-processing skills like CAPTCHA, thumbnail, watermark and image cropper
  • Master Command Line Instrument
  • Master NPM
  • Master Babel
  • Master Webpack
  • Being able to create modern front-end apps using single-file components
  • Master Vue


  • A smart phone with a decent camera is recommended for taking notes
  • A computer (PC/Mac) with internet access is needed
  • All software needed is free of charge and easy to install and run
  • No previous coding experience needed


What you will learn from this course:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Responsive Web Page
  5. Ajax
  6. jQuery
  7. font awesome
  8. Vue.js
  9. animate.css
  10. PHP
  11. MySQL
  12. Command Line Instrument
  13. NPM
  14. Babel
  15. Webpack
  16. ES6 Import and export
  17. Vue-CLI
  18. Vue single-file components
  19. Vue-Router
All subjects are taught from ground zero. Therefore, no previous coding experience is needed.


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